About Us

Center for Healthy Aging is a 501(c)3 organization dedicated to  integrate public, private, and philanthropic resources to help educate and train caregivers, enhance wellness, and provide models of care that demonstrate efficiencies and cost savings while improving the quality of life for elders.  Our non-profit will provide easy access to quality of life programs. 

Lifeline – Personal Emergency Response System & Medication Dispenser

We are proud to be representatives for Philips Lifeline! To learn more about these important services contact Marta, Your Local Lifeline Lady @ 775-848-1260.


CHA is working with a team of professionals to develop an educational program for elders to provide them with the necessary tools to create a personalized and comprehensive set of plans and documents for the end of life. This program will be interactive and interface with health professionals, attorneys, financial planners, etc. The goal is to improve quality of life by giving the elder knowledge, skills, leading to more control and peace of mind.

Eldercare in the Workplace

Met Life research states employer costs of caregiving is over $33 billion per year. These costs include replacing employees, absenteeism,

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Adding Life To Years

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Adding Life To Years

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